Self Compassion

“Seeing myself through kinder eyes” is my motto for 2018! Why? Because our world lacks compassion… and I believe if it’s important to have more compassion in the world. It begins with me… [...]


Holding Space for Others

In telling my story of caregiving for my dad in the first of this three-part series, you may have recognized some key components that I provided for him: Dignity (#1) Transformation (#7) Choice [...]


How to Hold Space for You

To review, we last discussed the meaning of holding space for oneself. It seems logical that you can’t hold space for someone else if you can’t be with your own pain and hold space for yourself. [...]


The Meaning of Holding Space

The meaning of holding space is most easily recognized when we identify when space is held for others. Let me begin with my own story. This topic is dear to me. I spent the past seven years [...]


Holiday Tips

I know how stressful the holidays can be. Today I’m going to share 3 ways you can move from being stressed out and surviving the holiday season to thriving through this season and feeling [...]