Embracing Challenge, Overcoming Adversity

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We live in an imperfect world. All too often, facing adversity, feeling stuck or settling for less in life become persistent, disempowering experiences.

[quote author=”C.S. Lewis” bar=”true” align=”right” width=”300px”]“Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny.”[/quote] In the midst of life’s difficulties, our tendency is to fight against challenges and obstacles. On so many levels, our habitual way of thinking is extremely taxing and undermining. Whenever problems arise, often we look for someone or something external to blame, and become angered by whatever we decide is responsible for our discomfort.

But it’s worth acknowledging that a life without challenges and difficulties would hardly be worth living. While we know this to be true, we still tend to drift into idleness rather than approach adversity with a courageous attitude.

A popular phrase in modern philosophy tells us to “embrace challenges.” And when we think of the word embrace, we envision a gesture of affection – to hold someone close. However, to embrace challenges also means to accept and submit to – to include and take on as part of the journey.

Tap into your innate courage. Surrender the ego.

Embracing challenges begins with accepting change. We cannot control our environment so we must endeavor to change our attitude and see things in a different light. By tapping into our innate courage, we can learn more skillful ways to deal with our difficulties and thereby circumvent the habit of waging war on ourselves. Responding with courage, fortitude and openness will ultimately produce a stronger sense of self-worth and might even help to improve the situation.

It is only when we tame our egoistic motivations that we can disrupt our deep-seated behaviors and live from the heart. Surrendering the ego requires that we understand the mechanical way in which our ego consistently reacts, and in doing so, we transcend the problematic aspects of our lives and achieve Vibrational Poise®.

Every time we embrace challenge or an adversity, we become that much more intelligent and courageous, for it is the collection of diverse experiences that enrich our lives. If we train our minds to be more understanding, we’ll uncover that the real source of our unhappiness is the failure to educate, manage and transform our mental states.

Overcoming our own adversity is our best teacher and makes us one step closer toward living One Courageous Life!® Expert.

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