How to Hold Space for You

To review, we last discussed the meaning of holding space for oneself.

It seems logical that you can’t hold space for someone else if you can’t be with your own pain and hold space for yourself.  That requires that you first understand what is meant by holding space (if need be, go back to the previous blog post/podcast to understand the meaning of holding space).

If you have not created room for you in your life, there isn’t really any room for others.

By being compassionate, kind, and loving to yourself, you are much more likely to live with and respond to others with empathy, compassion, and kindness. You will be available, present, and you will exude inner peace.

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7 Tips and Tactics to Hold Space for You!

  1. Saying No to Others

    I know it sounds contrary to being kind and compassionate, but hear me out. If you’re doing something for others at your expense, it is not beneficial to anyone. It’s unkind to put yourself last, and agreeing to do things through obligation always breeds resentment. Honor yourself and then agree to do things for others that also support your well-being. When you have good boundaries, are assertive, and can say no without feeling guilty, you have entered a space to freely love.

  2. Taking Time Out for You

    Connecting within, dropping into your inner being with heart and soul, and quieting your mind is “Tuning in For Your Time Out.” Make it a ritual practice, morning and evening. Notice your energies: how your body is supported by the chair/bed, emotions, how you are feeling, your thoughts fleeting or rewinding over and over, and what your soul is aching for. Remember “I am spirit,” and pray for guidance and your highest good.

  3. Just Being You

    You are unique and have great gifts to share with this world. Your Energetic Imprints™ define your energetic frequency, as unique as a thumbprint. And life’s experiences give you the painful lessons that provide the blessings you need to develop the gifts you’ll give to humanity. You and I are not perfect, yet we each have a contribution that no one else can make. That is special about you. No need to be perfect. Self-acceptance is the necessary ingredient to make the difference in life.

  4. Getting Support

    This strengthens your ability to be there for yourself. Knowing your own limits and knowing you can get support if you need it makes your power to be there for yourself grounded and deep.

  5. Practicing Self-Care Rituals

    Do at least one nurturing thing for yourself every day. Make a promise to yourself that you will check in with you every day. Truly, you are your own best friend. Determine what your best, most-loved self-care modality is. Then book it into your schedule.

  6. Being Still and Listening

    In stillness, we get to know who we are. Taking time to be still and alone—to simply be—supports you in getting to know yourself and your dreams. It gives you space for course correction if you have lost your way. It helps you to shine a light onto habitual patterns.

  7. Being Authentic

    No disguises! You know who you are. Don’t hide it from yourself. Have the courage to see all of you: your gifts and your less-than-perfect self. When you see yourself with kindness and compassion, you have the power to change and grow yourself into the richness you desire.

This captures the 7 Tips and Tactics to Hold Space for You! Try it out and see how it works for you in the next 90 days to create the lifestyle you deserve. You will richly bless others with compassion, kindness, and inner peace. God Bless!

With love,

Tracey Lynn Cox

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