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Self-discovery Finding purpose and passion: Vibrational Thumbprint® sessions
Empowerment Embracing challenges: Vibrational Poise® 21 lessons
Enlightenment Evolving your soul:  Vibrational Change® classes

Are you facing adversity, feeling stuck or settling for less? Are you ready to stop being a victim and start living a meaningful, courageous life, driven by your own heart? Then the three-step Vibrational Change® coaching is for you.

The majority of people at one time or another have said YES to one or more of these life issues.  Your reaction or response to your issue makes the difference in how you cope with your life!  Are you embracing, denying, or blaming?  This philosophy is centered on taking responsibility for your life by taking the driver’s seat and the controls of the wheel.  Life on earth is where you learn the life lessons.  You came to learn as you interact with people.  Every event, experience, relationship serves a purpose as an opportunity to receive or give a lesson.  Be receptive to what life offers you.

1. Vibrational Thumbprint® sessions

We will help you identify your Vibrational Thumbprint® Energetic Imprints™ – or your purpose and passion – by guiding you in exploring:

  • Earth (Body/Physical) = home
  • Water (Heart/Emotion) = feelings
  • Air (Mind/Consciousness) = communication
  • Fire (Spirit/Unity Consciousness)= energy

Each individual has an ideal homeostasis of energy frequency that is unique to that soul, just as a thumbprint is unique.  You were born with specific “Energetic Imprints™” resonating at this homeostasis frequency. The homeostasis frequency is a combination of Physical, Emotion, Mind, and Spirit “Energetic Imprints™” with an overall “Energetic Radiance™” resonating to the universe.

The result of your guided self-discovery is a personal manifesto that will become your touchstone for centering yourself when life becomes chaotic.

2. Vibrational Poise® 21 lessons

In this step, we will empower you embrace challenges through developing Vibrational Poise® excellence.  Responding rather than Reacting is a powerful strategy of the Victor when facing life’s mole hills or mountains.  It creates opportunities for change of perspective, change of paradigm, or a change in life choices.  In order to Embrace Challenges, it is essentail to understand how to manage change.  The most important skills to develop in order to mange change are resilience, flexibility, and maintaining serenity with confidence.  Acceptance of Change and Knowing there is a Gift are two principles that incorporate these important skills.

You will learn to

  • Move from acceptance of your mole hill or mountain to empowerment
  • Discover your natural creativity, resourcefulness and ability to choose a new experience
  • Get a fresh perspective and learn to advocate for what you really want

You will feel “unstuck” and gain momentum to begin living into your dream of a joyful and extraordinary life.

3. Vibrational Change® classes

Are you consciously aware of how your thoughts and emotions affect your world?  Do you realize that your world is a reflection of what you have created inside to outside…not the other way around?  Do you know that you have the capacity to increase your “consciousness vibration” immediately?  And raise your “consciousness vibration with this lifetime?

Raise your energy frequency which is your vibration through each etheric level ~ body, emotion, mind and spirit. Commit to Vibrational Change® classes to consistently achieve a healing state in body, emotion, mind, and spirit. We will help you overcome:

  • Fear based belief systems
  • Negative self-talk or gossip about others
  • Suppressed, denied and constrictive emotions and beliefs

In this step, you will explore a homeostasis or balance and an expansive and healing state. You will evolve your soul to a place where you can experience wellbeing and know your own divinity, transforming yourself and creating a ripple effect on society.




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