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Hypnosis is a deep relaxed state that uses guided visualization. It allows the conscious mind to be quiet while accessing the subconscious mind so they can come together in agreement. Hypnosis is an easy way to take personal control and:

Stop Negative self-talk
Break Old habits
Change Beliefs that no longer serve you

These sessions transcend the limitations of a three-dimensional consciousness, whether you are facing adversity, feeling stuck or settling for less. They focus on your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

What to expect:

  • Your session is easy and natural as daydreaming
  • You may feel warmer or cooler than normal
  • You may experience sensations of heaviness or lightness
  • Your legs, feet, hands and face may twitch or tingle
  • You may become so relaxed you fall asleep
  • Your mind may be very alert

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will I do anything against my morals or values?
A. No. Hypnosis cannot detach the ego. If you were given a suggestion that you did not agree with, you would simply refuse, laugh or awaken. You are always in control.

Q. Can everyone be hypnotized?
A. Yes, most people, based on normal physiological and psychological functioning, are able to concentrate and relax. You must be willing to undergo hypnosis, however.

Q. What can hypnosis treat?
A. A qualified clinical hypnotherapist can help alleviate or transform a multitude of symptoms and problems. Many hypnotherapists carry credentials in other professions that supplement the experience. The more information you request (educational background, specialization and the content of the treatment program) the greater the probability you will have your needs matched and expectations met.

Q. What is the session like?
A. Most sessions are 60 to 90 minutes. Your session begins with an interview to discuss the session’s focus and intention for the desired outcome. The hypnosis begins with guided visualization that leads to deep relaxation, where light, medium or deep levels of hypnosis occur.

Q. How does hypnosis work?
A. Guided visualization creates relaxation for the mind and body. The hypnotherapist’s voice communicates with your subconscious, creative mind, while your conscious, analytical mind takes a  rest. During hypnosis, your brain waves are similar to the time just before falling asleep. You will accept suggestions that fit with your belief system as your new reality. Hypnotherapy helps the patterns, habits and behaviors stored in your subconscious mind agree with the conscious mind. You may experience a major transformation with just one session.

Q. How many sessions do I need?”
A. This answer depends on you, your issue and your desired outcome. Some issues may be resolved or transformed in one session, while others may take a number of sessions. Your initial interview will help to determine the number of sessions.

Sessions are available

  • In the privacy of your own home
  • In a group
  • By Phone




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