5 Healthy Tips to Surviving Holiday Parties — Week 4 Thriving Through the Holidays

Guest post from Leslie Stallcup, summithealthcoaching.com

Many of the holiday parties and events have arrived, and you may even have several more…

You’ve been making big changes in your health, losing weight, and feeling more energy. Now, all of a sudden, it’s party time, every weekend, until the New Year. Let’s face it, there’s so much candy, cookies, and treats, not to mention leftovers, it’s hard to find balance. You may have had a few more drinks than normal too, whether it be for fun or a little social anxiety.

You may have been in the habit of placing your health and wellness goals aside during the holidays, because it’s so easy to get caught up in all the hub-bub! Food and drinks are abundant, and let’s face it: we want to let go of everyday stress and worries for a bit of merriment and enjoyment. We’ll get back to that diet after the New Year when we make a new resolution to straighten up. Sound familiar? I know I have been there. But you don’t have to wait until the New Year to get healthy.

In my coaching practice, I focus on helping my clients understand that the keys to maintaining a healthy life are consistency – not consistently doing crash diets, but mostly maintaining healthy habits for the long run. It’s also normal to fall off the healthy wagon. The key is getting right back on track and not letting it last long or allowing yourself to feel guilty or judgmental.

Here are my five favorite tips for surviving holiday parties…

  1. Bring a healthy dish. Out of all the rich foods associated with the holidays, your friends will appreciate a healthy option. A hummus tray with vegetables and organic corn chips is always a favorite, or a beautiful crudités platter with naturally fermented veggies, fruit, and nuts would be delicious.
  2. Stick with your normal fitness routine. At the very least, go for some long walks after dinner. It’s a great way to work off that meal and catch up with loved ones you might not usually see. If you are in the habit of good workouts, you’ll be more likely to stick with mindful eating as well.
  3. Limit your alcohol intake. It’s easy at parties to overdo it, and then be less mindful about the food table. Enjoy a cocktail, but go easy. Decide what you will do BEFORE you arrive. Drink a big glass of water in between drinks if you have more than one.
  4. Have a glass or two of water and a small snack before you go. This can help reduce your cravings and prevent you from over-eating on all those high calorie foods.
  5. Let yourself be merry. Eat the foods that come around once a year, and don’t be too hard on yourself. Go for small servings and try a little bit of everything. Balance the rest of your week with lots of healthy vegetables.

The holidays can be wonderful time and parties are so much fun. Most of all, enjoy yourself, your family, and your friends, and try to keep up your routines during the normal days. Rest when you need to.

How would you like to THRIVE instead of SURVIVE this season?

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