7 Tips for a Stress Free Holiday — Week 1 Thriving Through the Holidays

Whatever your choice, to stay home and receive family and friends for the holidays or to travel to their location – it takes planning and preparation. Take into account these quick tips to pave your way to an easier, more joyful holiday.

7 Tips to a Stress-Free STAY HOME Holiday

1. Be realistic and embrace the “Imperfect You”. …

We are born a perfect soul but we live a human life with an ego that is imperfect. So just be you and do your best without expectations beyond the realism of what is manageable in your life. Everything will probably not go as you planned, so just relax and go with the flow. Stay focused on what really matters – the joy and connection of the family.

2. Eliminate most stressful parts of your holiday. …

Have you identified with a stressful task that needs to happen every holiday? If so, why not delegate it, modify it, or eliminate it? It’s that simple.

3. “Time out” for you. …

Schedules fill up quickly and the focus is outward as we pile in more than the average amount of things to get done. What to do? Take a “time out” for you to pamper yourself and regain the energy drain to an energy gain. And return to the festivities enthused.

4. Know when to “say no.” …

Many invitations may be circulating around the holidays placing obligations to attend and be present. It’s particularly a get up and go time of year when you may feel like stay home and hibernate. Be selective and know when to say “no.”

5. Focus on your connection with a priority relationship. …

With relatives arriving for the holiday you may find it a challenge to chat it up with many folks that you seldom see, let alone know well. This holiday you may choose to connect with one priority relationship that you may like to develop and strengthen throughout the year.

6. Find calm and center yourself (practice). …

Savor a moment of the holiday. Is it a smell, a taste, a sound, a sight, a touch, a feeling or maybe an event? Find that sense resonating within you … calming you as you center yourself. And when the holiday chaos flairs, remind yourself of this sense that resonates with you to find that calming within you to re-center.

7. Keep your sense of humor! …

Dr. Cousins always said humor is the best antidote to stress! So when times get tense, look for the humor in the situation. Then laugh them off instead of dwelling in the negativity of them.

7 Tips to a Stress-Free TRAVEL HOLIDAY

  1. Book flight early with connections through smaller hubs – find better prices and avoid delays associated with larger, overcrowded airports
  2. Send all gifts ahead by UPS or USPS – shop extra early to avoid rush shipping fees
  3. Travel light with a carry on (only) – there is nothing more comforting when traveling than knowing you have everything you need at your fingertips
  4. Arrive earlier than normal to the airport – lines are stressful, so bring a good paperback and wear a scarf or aromatherapy necklace dabbed with lavender and eucalyptus oil
  5. Know where to go for help – in the airport, on the road, near your destination, and everywhere in between
  6. Spend a little extra for comfort for holiday travel – that front row coach seat with extra leg room will be a welcomed stress reducer!
  7. Take a deep breath – and know that you CAN do this ( and thank the heavens that the holidays only roll around once a year!)

How would you like to THRIVE instead of SURVIVE this season?

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Our schedule of focus topics is below:

Week 1 November 19 — 7 Tips to a Stress-Free TRAVEL HOLIDAY
Week 2 November 26 — Holding Space for You – Personal Challenges
Week 3 December 3 — Gift Giving and Receiving
Week 4 December 10 — Surviving the Holiday Parties
Week 5 December 17 — Art of Indulging / Hydration
Week 6 December 24 — You CONTROL: Portion Control / Food Choices
Week 7 January 1 — Setting Intentions / Not Resolutions


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