7 Tips & Tactics to Be Happy — Part 1

I just imagine that today you want to be happy! Mediocrity is the norm! A 2013 Harris Poll says two-thirds of Americans are unhappy. That means it is really easier to settle for less and remain unhappy than to go for it in life! What is holding us back? Anxiety and Fear! Conquering our deepest pain would lead more than one-third of us to be happy! Wouldn’t you say it’s time we embrace the good life and join the happiness party?

And in addition to being happy you may define that happiness to include being healthy and successful! That’s easy, right? That’s where I probably just got a “NO” answer.

Hi, thanks for joining me. I’m Tracey Lynn Cox. Vibrational Change® Coach and Master Hypnotherapist.

Let me share with you that I understand that it is easy to lose your way to happiness. My clients want just that: TO BE HAPPY!

Here are 7 Tips & Tactics for you TO BE HAPPY!

  1. Don’t hold a grudge! — Holding onto that negativity will weight you down.  It’s as if you are carrying a knapsack full of rocks! Let it go! Lighten up. Remember, have compassion for others as you have compassion for yourself ~ no one is perfect, including you.
  2. Know when to say “NO” — Holding Space for you is an ART that you need to learn.  Listen to my podcast series on “Holding Space” the more grace you attain in saying “NO” the greater ease you will deliver the message and enjoy your designed life.
  3. Understand life’s difficulties as opportunities for growth! — Reframing the ups and downs of life as a learning lesson promotes you to the front of the classroom for personal growth of your soul.  Soak up all your lessons and come to see them through new eyes as blessings.
  4. Practice deep breathing, meditation, and reflection. — Breathe in the spirit of life and exhale the stress and anxiety of the day. Take time daily to give thanks (gratitude) to our Creator and reflect on your insights for the day (the NOW moments).
  5. Routines… practice healthy habits for a strong foundation… — Energetically you need a balanced homeostaisis of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual fields.  This takes understanding and development of healthy habits and routines. Understand your current energy drains and reserves and symptoms of depletions. Take #lifebalancequiz at http://hello.traceylynncox.com/lifebalancequiz and book your no cost RAPID CHANGE CONSULT today.
  6. Live Life to the Fullest ~ No FEAR — Live without regrets. Find that deep passion within and live it!  Take risks. Embrace love.
  7. Know your supportive TRIBE; cancel your TOXIC people, and find your MENTOR. — You are having this earthly experience with a soul group to develop experiences that launch you in your evolution. Find your tribe and your mentor and expand your consciousness.

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