7 Tips & Tactics to Be Happy — Part 2

In Part I of 7 Tips & Tactics to Be Happy, you were given the statistic of the 2013 Harris Poll that said two-thirds of Americans are unhappy. Could that possibly be you? Have you asked yourself, “Why am I so unhappy?”  Did you know that happiness lies within you and you may need to dig deeply into your inner self to begin changing the way you look at things?

I know it is really easier to settle for less and remain unhappy than to go for it in life! What is holding us back? Anxiety and Fear! Conquering our deepest pain would lead more than one-third of us to be happy! Wouldn’t you say it’s time we embrace the good life and join the happiness party?

Hi, thanks for joining me. I’m Tracey Lynn Cox. Vibrational Change® Coach and Master Hypnotherapist.

Let me share with you that I understand that it is easy to lose your way to happiness. My clients want just that: TO BE HAPPY!

Here is Part II of 7 Tips & Tactics for you TO BE HAPPY so now you have a total of 14 Tips & Tactics.

7 Tips & Tactics ®



  1. Don’t Blame and Complain. — Losers blame and complain. Be positive and find the twist in the situation.
  2. Find your Passion and DO IT! — Simple ~ Find you Passion and DO IT! No excuses.
  3. Live your Core Values without compromise — Google Core Values if you need to identify them
  4. Givers always gain… and don’t have expectations. — Giving isn’t giving when you hold expectations of something in return.
  5. Authenticity is paramount. — In today’s world deceit is visible to others.  Being conceited or forceful is frowned upon.
  6. Be You without Comparison — Once you begin comparing to others, you are in a spiral of not being good enough. And you are unable to celebrate some one’s good fortune.
  7. Empower others to succeed because life is abundant. — Know that all of life is interconnected and when one succeeds all succeed. It’s important to boost one another in life.


You may put these to practice now that you have heard these additional 7 Tips and Tactics to Be Happy. If you find you would like additional support, connect with me to gain clarity, confidence, and courage at http://bit.ly/RapidChangeCoachingTLC


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