8 Easy Ways to Control Your Portions During The Holidays — Week 6 Thriving Through the Holidays

Why start with your New Years’ resolution to get on board with your health and fitness goals? You can start right now! It’s the holiday season and it’s easy to place yourself aside, I know. But you deserve to feel wonderful. And if you feel wonderful, you can be wonderful and have more energy for those you love.

So let’s talk portion control. Here are some easy tips for keeping your food portions under control this holiday season so that you can keep moving forward with all of your health and wellness goals:

1. Choose a smaller plate or bowl.

Studies show that using smaller dinnerware reduces food consumption. Since the early 1900s, our dishes have gotten bigger by 23% and this can cause an increase in weight by 5 pounds per year.

2. When eating out, choose a kids portion, or split your entrée.

If you are eating out with a partner or a friend, share an entrée and order a side salad. Or choose an appetizer with a side salad.

3. Make healthy choices.

Load your plate with lots of vegetables. Take healthy whole grain dishes, vegetable and fruit trays to holiday gatherings and avoid snacking on too many baked goods. Choose healthy fats such as olive oil and avocado oil over solid fats such as butter and animal fat.

4. Drink lots of water.

Many times when we feel hungry, we are actually dehydrated. Drink a glass or two of water and then re-evaluate whether or not you are still hungry.

5. Avoid “nibbling” at holiday parties.

Fill your plate once with food and then be your merry self!

6. Avoid letting yourself get too hungry.

Try to eat every few hours during the course of the day and keep some healthy bars, nuts, seeds, and fruit with you to avoid getting “hangry.”

7. Try to eat fiber and protein at every meal.

Include lean meats or beans, and loads of veggies, always.

8. Avoid eating late at night.

This is when your digestive system needs a break, and it can affect your rest, which will then affect your appetite the next day. Proper rest is imperative!


Fabulous advice for the holidays… or any time of the year! Thank you, Leslie.

However you celebrate this time of year, I wish you a happy and prosperous holiday.

Sending you peace, love, and friendship,

Tracey 💜

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