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I’m Tracey Lynn Cox. The fact that I am alive today is nothing short of a miracle. At the age of 41, I was diagnosed with Trigeminal Neuralgia, also known as the “suicidal disease” and “the worst pain known to man.” At the same time, I suffered from relationship, career, income and spiritual loss. I know what it’s like to live a chaotic life. I remember the moment when my life forever changed. I was at the end of my rope. After months of debilitating medications, I agreed to brain surgery to relieve the pain. It failed and left me with worse pain and more medications leaving me a zombie. I revisited a surgeon who recommended that I consider an experimental cortical brain implant.

Andrew Kuszak

“Working with Tracey was very calming and reassuring. She helped me set manageable, realistic goals. In 10 weeks, I went from being nervous talking in front of 40 people I saw once a week for a year to being able to give impromptu presentations in front of a group of 20 people I did not know. I am so grateful that…”…See video

“Working with Tracey was very calming and reassuring. She helped me set manageable, realistic goals. In 10 weeks, I went from being nervous…”more

Andrew Kuszak

Emotionally I knew that I could not face that second surgery. I finally succumbed to asking God for strength and guidance…

It was then when I discovered the power of energy within me through hypnotherapy. After several sessions, my medications were reduced by more than half, which led me to become a believer in hypnotherapy. This life-changing experience inspired me to dedicate my life to helping people overcome their problems by using hypnotherapy to allow them to discover their own power of energy within, so they can improve their lives.

No one can truly know exactly what you’re going through.

Whether your life is chaotic and slipping out of control or you just want to become more in tune with yourself, with your permission, I would be honored to show you how to use the resource that already exists inside of you. That resource is the energies of your physical body, mental and emotional state and spiritual being. When these energies sync and work together, you’ll begin to experience an abundant, victorious and freedom-filled life. My coaching and hypnotherapy methods can help you identify, understand and overcome life’s obstacles, so you can be victorious no matter what circumstance or changes in your life you are facing.

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