Are you Spiritually Awake?

Our world in 2018 is a dynamic time to be living. Many things are changing and it’s a time of awakening as people have an increased desire to change. The status quo of life as it has been known has been challenged as people are greatly connected through the internet and are communicating worldwide. Information is quickly disseminated and without editorial review. Social Media plays into the mix as well when opinions, videos, and blogs are dispersed in seconds.

Within my lifetime, it seems that time has sped up and people are much more ready to hear #truth. Consciousness, whether rising consciousness is truly happening or not, it is in the forefront of many more lives. People are inspired to know about the meaning of life, the purpose for living in this world at this time, and what really is this awakening?

Hello, I’m Tracey Lynn Cox, Vibrational Change® Coach and Master Hypnotherapist with a nationwide practice in Healing Ministry by applying the technology created by great minds of this world.

The Excellence Reporter asked me the question, “What is the Meaning of Life?” so now I will answer that question as we address the question, “Are You Spiritually Awake?”
Here are 7 Signs of Spiritually Awake Beings.

7 Signs of Spiritually Awake Beings

1. Meaning of Life ~ Yearning or Understanding

My definition is: A need persists to understand and comply to have an authentic purpose tied to core values that is passionate to living life to the fullest with a contribution made to the world.

In 2015, The Excellence Reporter asked me to answer the question, “What is the meaning of life?” I gave his question much contemplation before answering. My answer to the meaning of life is: To Awaken to Self: Returning to ones’ identity with Divine, truth, and illumination of peace. This process of awakening is a lifetime of personal growth. All incarnated humans have pre-birth soul plans to seek their path to their soul evolution.

2. Deep Compassion for the Suffering in the World

This may accompany a sense of helplessness and deep sadness with the increased awareness of world suffering. When you wake up, it’s as though it is impossible to see/watch episodes of animal cruelty, natural disasters, and child abuse or war scenes. I suggest the “vision” sense is the most impactful of all and our world has created an over- abundance of visuals with Video Games, TV serials and movies, Media Theatre Movies, Internet Livestreaming Apps, etc. Overload to vision senses is everyday normalized. No wonder we have mass shootings.

3. What You Eat Is Meaningful

You may have come to understand that your body is a vessel that is carrying your being through this human experience. And it’s necessary to fuel your vessel with foods that energize and bring vitality to your life. Toxic consumption of pre-processed foods, fast foods, and chemical based substances are lethal at the cellular level. Each food type has its own vibration of energy ~ raw and fresh is best for fruits and vegetables; portion control and food choices are the next biggest items you’ll notice about your eating patterns. You may start making choices that are more aligned with your higher consciousness such as less animal products (meat). You may develop allergies or food intolerances (e.g. MSG, sugar substitutes).

4. Altering Sleep Habits

Are you feeling like you are requiring more sleep? Or are you waking feeling tired after a full night of sleep? You may be experiencing periods of unexplained fatigue. Recently, I began waking at 4 am and then upon meditating began vivid dreaming of activity with my deceased parents. Other unexplained interruptions of energy is the opposite of lethargy which is bursts of intensified energy. Be aware of sleep patterns changing and energy levels altering.

5. Questing for Aligning with Your Tribe or Spending Time Alone

Being spiritually awake, the more relevant it is that you are with the ones that are vibrating at the same frequencies that you are vibrating. Finding your soul group is a high priority and you may let go of friends to grow and spiritually evolve your consciousness. You may be feeling you have less in common with some people and are attracted to new people/groups where you resonate with their message and wave-length. You are experiencing a heart connection or soul to soul recognition. At times, you may find that you need to recharge your energy reserves by spending time alone. This too is natural to realign with our Creator.

6. Changing Negative Habits

Awareness of habits is the first eye-opener to what just doesn’t “fit” any longer. Old life patterns are hurdles to overcome and become more distressful. The desire to change to a new life without that nasty habit grows with intensity until change is inevitable. Change is a process and is deeply satisfying when accomplished. Change is challenging and often requires support. Seek the necessary assistance to be successful.

7. Desire for Inner Peace

All forms of conflict become intolerable. Your inner peace is utmost importance and now is sacred to you. The sensitivity to conflict is felt in your cellular level and you lose interest in your friend’s drama, world drama, and TV soap dramas. You only desire to experience deep inner peace that is your serenity of life.

Awakening to Self is a lifetime endeavor. Each journey has its own roadmap but all are on the same path to the light regardless of religion and dogmas. Join me to “Living a Higher Vibration®” on the TLC Cloud Community on Facebook Groups for Free Resources including Chatting on the Cloud. To join the Community go to

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