Holding Space for You — Week 2 Thriving Through the Holidays

If you have not created room for you in your life, there isn’t really any room for others.

By being compassionate, kind, and loving to yourself, you are much more likely to live with and respond to others with empathy, compassion, kindness. You will be available, present, and exude inner peace.

During the holidays, you may find holding space for yourself with more challenging as you are greeted with visiting relatives or going to visit relatives ~ traveling to new places, changing routines, or embracing new/different traditions.

But, creating that space is essential and will increase your joy throughout the holidays.

Three keys to creating and honoring your “personal space” during the holidays (or any time of year) are:

1. Embrace Your Imperfection.

Brene Brown writes and talks in-depth on this subject. Although we are born in His image in our Soul, our personality EGO self has a human life to learn many lessons. Thus, we must learn self-acceptance and self-love.

Self-acceptance is key to holding space for yourself. Honoring your personal space is all about looking after yourself and valuing your own needs through self-acceptance and love.

2. Knowing Your Boundaries

Knowing when to say “no” during the holidays is key to protecting your heart. Consider these “no’s” among your top choices:

· Addressing Unsafe People

· Face an issue and avoid gossip

· Stand firm and avoid being a door mat

· Avoid being alone with toxic people

3. Establishing Positive Patterns

Simply notice your responses, either self-talk or given, to events & people in your life. Are they critical, positive, supportive, encouraging, accepting or maybe humorous? Begin being a silent observant listener. Provide yourself opportunity to be the light that others need to heal: the optimism, the kindness, the embrace, and the acceptance. This will heal you at the same time.

How would you like to THRIVE instead of SURVIVE this season?

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Our schedule of focus topics is below:

Week 1 November 19 — 7 Tips to a Stress-Free TRAVEL HOLIDAY
Week 2 November 26 — Holding Space for You – Personal Challenges
Week 3 December 3 — Gift Giving and Receiving
Week 4 December 10 — Surviving the Holiday Parties
Week 5 December 17 — Art of Indulging / Hydration
Week 6 December 24 — You CONTROL: Portion Control / Food Choices
Week 7 January 1 — Setting Intentions / Not Resolutions


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Sending you peace, love, and friendship,

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