How balanced is Your Life?

Wherever you are at in life and whatever you may be experiencing, wouldn’t you like liberation from the chaos and struggles that are depleting your energy?

The trouble is, life today comes with much noise that we often can’t hear ourselves think, let alone feel our emotions, or be present enough to experience the physical response our bodies have to the chaos and conflict we experience.

When you visited my website,, you took the #lifebalancequiz. You received a comprehensive tally of all your energy fields ~ physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Your score reflected an energy diagnosis of 1-4 levels with 1 being the least energetically balanced and 4 being the most energetically balanced.

Achieving an energetically balanced score is a great accomplishment and deserves to be applauded.

But, even with a great final tally, you may recognize one of these three specifics when delving deeper for a closer look.

I ask you whether you…
• Identify a specific energy field that was depleted compared to the rest?
• Identify a specific energy field disproportionately filled compared to the rest?
• Identify that each energy field is filled to mediocrity as opposed to abundance?

Answering yes to one of these three questions would change the outcome of your “energetically balanced life” to a totally different picture of imbalance.

Each energy field needs to be well filled for you to achieve homeostasis, a wellness state of balance. If one energy field is receiving all of your attention and efforts, you are leaving vast gaps in your overall wellbeing.

Similarly, if one field is empty, the individual will experience several signs and symptoms. For many people, especially women, the energy field most often depleted is the emotional field. Indeed, research suggests that as much as 70% of our depletion is related to the emotional field.

Because of chronic exposure, we often have adapted to the emotional drains, the stressors in life, and all forms of unrealistic pressures. As a result, we are no longer able to recognize the imbalance of life going out of control.

Here are some emotional energetic signs and symptoms that are warning signs of such imbalances:

1. Mood swings or Irritability to Outright Anger
2. Feelings of Overwhelm
3. Isolation and Social Withdrawal
4. Lack of Interest in Life, Hobbies, Work
5. Anxiety, Constant Worry, Nervousness

What should you do when you recognize one of these symptoms or discover an energy field deficiency?

Begin with a refreshed review of your #lifebalance quiz. Create a list of questions you may have regarding the areas in life and energy fields.

I offer 30 minute consultations, at a nominal fee, to discuss the answers to your questions.

A great place to start is to ask yourself: “In what area would I like my focus for improvement to be for the next 90 days?”

Then, go to my website to schedule your consultation.

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