Self Compassion

“Seeing myself through kinder eyes” is my motto for 2018! Why? Because our world lacks compassion… and I believe if it’s important to have more compassion in the world. It begins with me… compassion is about loving oneself wholly and completely so that when looking in the eyes of others you reflect that light brightly in all encounters. #ShineBright #LiveJoy

Hello, my name is Tracey Lynn Cox, master hypnotherapist and Vibrational Change® Coach.

Seeing yourself through kinder eyes has significant results.  It’s already into the middle of Spring when over 70% of us have forgotten our New Year’s Resolutions.  And only 1 in 9 does complete a resolution! So there is plenty of room for self- compassion.

Research shows that in being kind to yourself you will be more likely to believe you can improve, correct your mistakes, and get back on course with your goals. Self-criticism is linked to procrastination, feelings of failure and depression. So who doesn’t want self-compassion?

What is self-compassion?

Self-Compassion expert, Kristin Neff defines self-compassion as made up of three elements:

  • Mindfulness
  • Common humanity
  • Self-kindness

Self-Compassion helps us regulate our emotional energy. Self-compassion also influences beliefs tied to shame, confidence, competence and ability to change. In truth, self-compassion is really no different than having compassion for others!

So let’s take a look at the homeless person or a street person begging for money.  The first notice you have is the suffering for one or the other which is to say you are feeling compassion. Your heart is responding to their pain and therefore a sense of “suffering with.” For some, you will also offer a thread of non-judgment, understanding and kindness to the person for the mistakes made in life.

Acting with self-compassion during a difficult time involves acting the same way towards yourself as you do towards others. Instead of an attitude of “I’ll get over it” cut yourself some slack, and allow yourself to be with the pain instead of ignoring it. Ask yourself, “How can I take better care of myself at this moment?” Remember when we discussed “Holding Space”, we asked our friend/loved one, “How can I help you now?” In self-compassion, ask yourself, “How can I help me, right now?”

Allow yourself the space to be less than perfect! Let go of that critical self- talker inside your head and ease the self-judgment. Look at yourself through kinder eyes and understanding. So let’s put together some brainstorming ideas for a healing plan of self-compassion, shall we?  What are the items you want in your healing compassion basket? These are items that will help us to

  • regulate our emotional energy
  • improve self confidence
  • increase our competence and ability to change (get unstuck)

Here are a few ideas provided by Dr. Albertson, compassion expert @

  • Compassionate letter to self
    • Everyone has something they are unsettled about ~ something that causes one to feel shame and discomfort or not good enough. Think about the issue that you feel bad about. Now, think about your imaginary friend that loves you unconditionally and has compassion for you and your plight. This friend is kind, completely forgiving and accepting for who you are. Write a letter to yourself from the perspective of your friend.
  • Reflection Exercise on Daily ENERGY & Living
    • Consider each of these reflective questions for each energy field and the impact on your daily living.
      1. How do you care for your physical self? And can you identify new ways to relieve and release the tension and tightness stored in your body?
      2. How are you caring for your mind when you are feeling stressed? Reassess your strategy for thoughts easily releasing.
      3. How are you caring for yourself emotionally? Would you like to seek new ways?
      4. What do you do to care for yourself spiritually?
  • Self-Aware Mindfulness
    • Dr. Albertson has a mindfulness time-out as I am sure you also have one in your basket.


If you need to increase any or all three of these areas of your self-compassion capacity ~ you may join FREE our Monthly ALIGN & ALLOW EVENT. It’s a live, interactive guided imagery experience on a different topic every month. The next one is on Thursday, June 14th.


My blessings to you as you move forward in this world with self-compassion and a basket full of rejuvenated emotional energy, improved self-confidence, competence and ability to make the changes you desire to #livejoy and #shinebright.

Talk soon!

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