Steady State Living™ Masterclass

Live your life with more intention and joy

Does your life feel like life is slipping out of control?

Are there things that you wish you could change, but feel powerless to do so? Or maybe you’re just trying to make it through the day?

You are not alone. Life is full of ups and downs! We experience all kinds of hurdles, some in our control and some very much out of our control.

But when these hurdles feel like unsurmountable mountains, we are often experiencing an imbalance of one or more of our VITAL ENERGIES.

And that is exactly what the Steady State Living™ Masterclass is all about.

In this 45 minute masterclass, Master Hypnotherapist and Vibrational Change® Coach, Tracey Lynn Cox, will help you explore your current energy balance. By identifying your Energy Drains and Energy Sources, you can begin to take back the reins and live your life with more intention and joy.

You Deserve This Experience

Even if you struggle with self-doubt.

You were born with your energies resonating at homeostasis – the complete state of balance. Have you ever noticed the angelic appeal of newborns? It’s because newborns are resonating in their homeostasis frequency! Their homeostasis frequency is unique to each one of them – just as your homeostasis frequency is unique to you.

The work you do in this masterclass will help you learn ways to regain the homeostasis frequency that is your birthright.

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Master Your ENERGIES • Live More INTENTIONALLY • Choose To Embrace CALM