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Presley, C. Ht.

“I consulted with Tracey for a situation involving a fear that I had not been conscious of until an opportunity became present; to take a trip to New York by plane. I was consumed and trouble with visions of a crash. During my session, Tracy’s voice was reassuring, she quickly had me in a highly relaxed state. I noticed immediately that when I thought of the trip I was much more calm about the entire idea. It fest as if the negative thinking slipped away as soon as my mind attempted to think about the trip and replaced it with ideas of enjoying the family and fun. How cool is that? Thank you, Tracy!”

—DawnMarie Presley,  C. Ht.

AJ Shirey

AJ Shirey Testimonial

Andy Kuszak

“Hello! My name is Andrew Kuszak and I own a Home Inspection Company

Before Working with Tracey:
-I had mild anxiety about speaking in public to groups of people that I developed after High School.
-My goal working with Tracey was to be able to speak comfortably in groups
-I decided to use Tracey’s service after 1 year of trying to overcome my anxiety myself.

Meet Tracey:
-I met Tracey in a business networking group.
-What about Tracey intrigued me? Her understanding of the mind AND her understanding of God. You can be intellectual, scientific and Believe.

-I used Tracey’s Hypnotherapy service.
-How did I feel? I felt nervous, I knew that Hypnotherapy was not portrayed on TV and the movies correctly but I was told by several people to be very careful working with someone who can potentially have a lot of influence over me.

-Working with Tracey was very calming and reassuring
-I liked how she helped me set manageable realistic goals.

-In 10 weeks I went from being nervous talking in front of 40 people I saw once a week for a year TO being able to give impromptu presentations in front of a group of 20 people I did not know.
-Business is flourishing.

Final Thought
-Hypnotherapy with Tracey was a calming, reassuring experience. This format set the tone needed to overcome my obstacles by getting me to do the hard part of doing the presentations and realizing that I am confident in my skills. I am so grateful that Tracey was there to guide me through my baggage to the other side of being confident in my abilities instead of doubting myself.”

—Andy Kuszak
Owner, Chief Inspector
A Superior Inspection

Andy Kuszak Testimonial

Aubrey Wood

“My name is Aubrey and I am a freelance web designer. Before working with Tracey, I was happy and pleased with my life. My freelance business was growing and I was loving it. However, there was something blocking my success in being profitable: My bad attitude towards money. I was afraid of money and petrified to charge clients anything near market value for my work. In my head, I knew I needed to be raising my prices so I could afford to continue doing work that I loved, but there was a fear inside holding me back. After talking about it with friends and family, I knew I needed help.

When I first met Tracey, I was drawn to her by how cheerful and fun she was. She shared with me about her personal coaching service and asked me to think of something that I needed help with. While I was skeptical (though slightly curious) about hypnotherapy, personal coaching seemed like a great idea to help with my problem.

When I signed up for 90 days of coaching with Tracey, I was confident that she could at least set me in the right direction with changing my uncomfortableness towards money.

After I filled out the wellness assessment, we had our first consultation meeting. Though my problem was embarrassing for me to talk about, Tracey showed great respect, love and acceptance. In our coaching sessions, she helped me work towards my goal both emotionally and practically. After a few sessions, I gave in to my curiosity and asked for a hypnotherapy session. Though Tracey did explain to me what would happen, many of my expectations came from seeing hypnotherapy in movies. It was nothing like the movies. It was more like a guided, intentional daydream. I was 100% conscious the whole time. Afterwards, I felt like a shift had been made subconsciously toward reaching my goal.

At my first session, I said I wanted to change my attitude to: “Money is an awesome tool.” I believe God has worked through Tracey and totally helped me reach that goal. She’s helped me make progress that I didn’t think was possible (including being ok with raising my service fees).

To someone who hasn’t worked with Tracey yet: Do you have something you’re struggling with? Don’t lose hope. God has given Tracey an unbelievable ability to provide help for people. If you’re ready for a change, she can help you.”

—Aubrey Wood
Websites by Aubrey

Aubrey Wood Testimonial

Bre Sampier

Bre Sampier Testimonial

Donna Wing

Donna Wing Testimonial

Candace French

“Hi, my name is Candace French. I am a professional artist, teacher, author and coach. Before working with Tracey my life was driven by feeling I had to constantly prove myself.

I first met Tracey at an event in Denver, Colorado. What intrigued me about her was her strong sense of compassion and how easy it was for me to connect with her.

Working with Tracey and experiencing a Hypnotherapy Session was life-changing. I felt safe and trusted her to guide me through the process. She helped me release holding myself back and to learn to trust more. I am grateful for my work with Tracey. My life and business are thriving now. I am at peace with who I am and confident in sharing my gifts with the world.”

—Candace French
Illuminating the creative spirit within
Mixed Media Artist ~ Teacher ~ Best Selling Author ~ Coach
Pébéo Mixed-Media Product Specialist

Candace French Testimonial

Holly Welch

“Tracey is a woman of great integrity and kindness. I have the tremendous honor of knowing her for over 50 years. She has always been a true individual, thinking independently and for herself. She is astute, evaluating and a keen observer. Her pensive and reflective nature are qualities that enhance her chosen profession as a life coach and hypnotherapist. Tracey has the rare gift of meeting people and situations with no preconceived or pre-conditioned judgments. She welcomes all openly and deeply listens to what people are saying. Tracey has methodically progressed through her career and is a full-time observer and trusted confidant. I know of no one that I would trust more completely to hold confidences and matters of the heart. One of my greatest blessings is walking through my life with Tracey.”

—Holly Welch

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