Toxic People May Ruin Your Life

Have you ever known or now know a toxic person? I believe you have or are dealing with a person who can be challenging and draining your energy. Are you being pushed to your limit and wondering what to do about the relationship? Here are 7 traits to familiarize you with toxic people that are commonly found in relationships whether they be in a family, career, personal, or social. After you read my blog I encourage you to go to my Facebook Community (TLC CLOUD Community) where I share with you help to navigate these trying relationships.


  1. Toxic people exaggerate.

    They use words like “never” and “always”. You won’t win when drawn into an argument because the toxic person will draw upon the single time when you acted/behaved in the manner that exhibits the shortcoming he/she needs to make the point to win.

  2. Toxic people are judgmental.

    They stab you at the heart of self-esteem. Suggesting “you’re not good enough” or “less than” in an effort to build themselves up. No one is gets it right each and every time; allow for imperfection; in self and others.

  3. Toxic people never apologize.

    They are “never” wrong. LOL

  4. Toxic people do not own their feelings.

    The person will put the feelings into your court and have you own the feelings. The story becomes twisted. Responsible persons take accountability for actions words and deeds and responsibility for their emotions and feelings.

  5. Toxic people show up for crisis.

    Toxic people love the drama of crisis and will be right there for you. But when you have joy the toxic person will not be capable of celebrating with you.

  6. Toxic people are manipulative.

    Toxic people want you to do what is good for them. They don’t have your highest interest in their heart. It’s all about them and what opportunity you provide for them.

  7. Toxic people are inconsistent.

    They will make consistent changes in their stories, attitudes, behaviors, decisions, and perspectives to “control” the outcome they desire for the situation at hand or whatever they need to accomplish.

What to DO…

By now, I’m sure that you recognize that the connection isn’t healthy or good. You feel lousy and somehow you may be stuck. What do you do now…?
Peg Streep writes in Psychology Today (Dec 2016) an awesome article:

“8 Strategies for Dealing With the Toxic People in Your Life”

Go to the TLC CLOUD Community to review her entire article.

Be Well, God Bless,

Tracey Lynn Cox

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